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Insurrect!: The Colonial History of Geology in the United States (Part 1) and (Part 2)

A conversation with Gustave Lester about the origins of the discipline and its relationship to settler colonialism

NSF Science Matters October 2021

URGE Reading Group: History & Racism

I gave a short talk entitled "Race & Geology: Remembering how our discipline created ideas of race & white supremacy"

EOS: Teaching Geoscience History In Context

EOS published an interview by Kimberly Cartier with the GeoContext Team!

SOTB Episode 96: Sea-Level Science

EOS: The Bering Land Bridge Formed Much Later Than Previously Thought
UCSC News: Tilting of Earth’s crust governed the flow of ancient megafloods

Harvard Gazette: From ancient flooding, modern insights

EOS: Body-Based Jargon Can Be Harassment When It Turns Sexual

At AGU in 2019 I held an interactive poster where I solicited examples of language overheard by geoscientists like you!

Harvard Gazette: Tracking rivers to read ancient glaciers


GeoContext: a social and political context for geoscience education

GeoContext is a supplementary curriculum project for the geosciences. You can learn about the GeoContext project on the GeoContext webpage

These modules will permanently be hosted on the SERC website

Tamara Pico's past application statements:

Below are my applications statements for the following fellowships, as well as a general faculty application. I hope these can be helpful as examples for those in the midsts of applications!

Faculty application statements 2020

UC Presidential Postdoc Fellowship Program (PPFP) statements 2019

NSF EAR Postdoctoral Fellowship Application Materials 2018

NSF GRFP statements 2014