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Interested in joining the group?

I am looking for enthusiastic students and postdocs to work with me in the Earth & Planetary Sciences department at UC Santa Cruz.

Research topics could include (but not limited to!):
- ice sheets, sea-level, and climate change
- solid Earth deformation over the ice age
- landscape evolution

Interested students should email Tamara Pico with a brief statement of research interests. In particular I would recommend the following:

1) Peruse this website and read about the different past and ongoing group research projects. To get a sense of what it is like to work in our group consider reading the Pico Group Manual.

2) Read 1-2 papers closely - it will be useful to know what topics you are interested in!

3) Write an email that includes the following:

  • A short summary (one paragraph or less) of your background and career goals.

  • A short summary (one paragraph or less) of why you want to join our group specifically.

  • A short summary (one paragraph or less) of a research problem you are interested in working on. (This is not binding in any way, but will give me a sense of what you are excited about and how you think.)

  • Your current CV and (for prospective undergrad or grad students) unofficial transcripts.

See this article for advice on emailing prospective advisors!

See here for instructions on applying to graduate school at UCSC .

Uplifted marine terraces in Santa Cruz, California

Aerial view of UC Santa Cruz campus